3 Ways to Start an Auto Repossession Business Without a Tow Truck

With auto repossessions at an all-time high, getting into the repo business has never looked more lucrative.  And while you can make up to $500 per repo’ed car, investing in a tow truck isn’t cheap.

The good news is, you probably don’t need a tow truck to start your own repo business.  Here’s 3 ways you can get started in the repo industry on a shoestring budget:

Tip #1 – Partner With A Locksmith and Literally Drive The Repo Cars Away!

Nowadays, finance companies keep key codes on file for every car they own.  The key codes are a “blueprint” that tells locksmiths exactly how to create a key the same as the original.

Even if the bank doesn’t have the key codes, you can find companies online that will supply key codes for any domestic or foreign vehicle in less than an hour.  All you need to give them is the make, model and VIN number.

With your original key in hand, you can have someone follow you to the repo site and you can drive the car away!

Tip #2 – Work From Home and Help Banks Track Down Repo Cars

You don’t need to be a repo man to earn a living in the repossession industry.  You can start out by helping banks or dealerships track down hard-to-find debtors.  This service is called skip-tracing.  And they’re willing to pay big money for it since their cars are worth thousands of dollars.

You can charge $30-$100/hour to provide skip tracing services to banks – or even other repossession companies.  Of course, you’ll need to invest time and money in good training, but it’s well worth it considering you could make $60,000 starting out – without a degree!

Tip #3 – Become A Repo Job Broker

If you don’t like working nights and dealing with confrontational people, you could setup a web site to get repossession job leads in your town, and sell those leads to other repo businesses.  Then, as you gain more experience in the repo industry, you could take on more and more jobs yourself.

While these money-making tips are no substitute for having the right repossession tools, they’ll help you make money to pay for the equipment you’ll need later on!

Start a Dog Daycare Center

The busy life makes people crave for time. No one has time to take care of family members let alone the pets like dogs, cats etc. In this scenario people look for day care facilities for their pets. The requirement of dog daycare is increasing day by day, as owners do not want to leave their beloved pet alone at home. Therefore, the dog daycare business is having great prospects in the future. However, for those who want to start this business have many questions regarding starting of dog daycare center.

Dog daycare is more than about baby-sitting. Dog daycare deals with pet sitting involving multiple dogs, but with emphasis on proper care and attention. Since multiple dogs social interaction with other dogs is important, and handling different types of dogs is not an easy job. Dog daycare involves exercising, bite training, bathing, timely feeding, and playtime. What dog owners expect from a dog daycare is security, proper care, and pampering of their dogs when they are busy at work.

For those who want to start a dog daycare, it is very important that they have love for animals. First step for starting a dog daycare is to have a nice name for the firm. Then find a proper place to set up the business. If you have a large lot this could be your own backyard. Find sources for investment capital for setting up the infrastructure. There should be enough space in the building for indoor exercising. There should be enclosed yards for dogs to run around to socialize. There should be enough equipment for keeping dogs active as well as entertained while in day care. Numerous kennels must also be readied so that, non-socializing dogs could be separated from other dogs.

Once the infrastructure is ready get the required permits as well as licenses such as veterinary department permit, business license, fire department permits, etc. Then have training about dog care to make sure that the facilities and trainers are well equipped to handle the dogs. Dogs can be nasty at times especially among a group of dogs, so ability to handle any situation is necessary. Therefore, select the dog trainers with necessary qualifications in dog management, grooming and training for supervision of dogs, to ensure that the dogs are not bullying or becoming aggressive. The number of dog trainers should be relative to the capacity of the daycare center.

Setting up of diet service to cover the varying dietary needs of diverse dogs of age, as well as, breed is necessary. It is necessary to have access to veterinary medical services for the dogs in the daycare center. Cleaning service must be set up to keep the premises clean and clear of odours. There should be arrangements for dogs’ safety during rains and other natural calamities. Once these things are set, scale the charges for dog daycare services with your eye on recovering the investment and to cover the running cost. After that, advertise your dog day care to lure customers.

If this all seems like a lot of work, guess what, it is! But you can make it a more enjoyable experience by checking out the possibilities of franchising. Many very lucrative doggie daycare centers are already up and running and available for franchising. One such center is the DogSmith which has a unique setup and reputation. They can help you with all your questions and even some questions you would never think to ask. Buying a franchise is the best way to go because they also help with advertising and marketing your new franchise. This can be one of the largest costs after purchasing you franchise. So remember, franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century.